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Premier Punt Sign Up Offer Guide

  • You get a £10 in Free Bet
  • Make a profit of £6 to £7
  • Newbies need ~30 minutes

Premier Punt are associated with and although a relatively small bookie have a decent set of offers available.

This is a Multi-Step Bet & Get Offer

Similarly to the Betfair Sportsbook offer we have to complete several Qualifying Bets before our free bet will be released. With Premier Punt we have to place 3 x £10 qualifying bets (above odds of 2.0) on different games/events to release a £10 free in-play bet. 

IMPORTANT! You must accept the pop-up when prompted to claim your free bet. The free bet must be used in-play.

Premier Punt Offer Summary

  • Important: Accept the pop-up to claim the free bet.
  • Deposit Method: Debit Card
  • Qualifying (Trigger) Bet: 3 x £10 (within 7 days of registering, do on different games/events)
  • Free (Profit) Bet: £10 (7 day expiry, must be used in-play)
  • Minimum Odds: 2.00
  • Expected Profit: £6-£7
  • Full T&Cs: click here

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Sign Up to Premier Punt

If you haven’t already, sign up to Smarkets first here. Next, follow the link below to get the correct offer from Premier Punt

At the time of writing Premier Punt doesn’t note in their T&Cs about a first deposit amount. With this offer instead of depositing £30 right away you could look at depositing £20 first (or even £10), then wait for your first two Qualifying bets (or bet) to settle before completing the third bet (or remaining bets). (If the Qualifying Bet(s) lose at Premier Punt then deposit again to complete the remaining Qualifying Bets). 

Just remember you only have 7 days from registration to place the 3 x £10 Qualifying Bets.

STEP 1: Finding your Qualifying Bet

i) Swith to decimal odds and use the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher to find a bet quickly with minimum odds of 2.0

You can change the odds format in the secondary navigation bar on the Sportsbook.

To help you find the best Qualifying Bet, and to find it quickly, we recommend to use your Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher tool. Set the Oddsmatcher to select bets on Premier Punt between the odds of 2.0 and 3.0.

Want to know more about Oddsmonkey?  See the benefits here.

ii) Select a Qualifying Bet and check the odds at Premier Punt and Smarkets

Remember on Smarkets: #BLUE BOXES.

Choose a bet from the Oddsmatcher then check the odds are as expected at Premier Punt and Smarkets. (If not hit ‘Refresh’ on the Oddsmatcher to update the list of available bets). 

STEP 2: Calculate the Lay Bet Amount

Using the Qualifying Bet Calculator

You will now need to enter:

  1. Your stake amount at the bookmaker (must be £10)
  2. Your back odds at the bookmaker (must be minimum of 2.00)
  3. The blue box lay odds from Smarkets

The calculator then works out your lay stake amount, which you will use for your against bet at Smarkets.


> Check your Smarkets balance is greater than your calculator liability.

> Reduce the chance of partially-matched bets or un-matched bets by making sure the liquidity (amount under blue lay box) is larger than your lay stake amount.

STEP 3: Placing your bets

Place your bet at Premier Punt first and check it’s confirmed.

Place your lay bet at Smarkets using the lay stake from your calculator.

STEP 4: Repeat 2 more times within 7 days

You now need to do 2 more £10 Qualifying Bets within the first 7 days of registering your account. 

Remember all must be at odds of 2.0 or more and each bet must be done on a different game/event.

STEP 5: Profiting from your Free Bet

When all 3 of your Qualifying Bets have settled you will receive a pop-up message. You must accept the free bet on this pop-up if you wish to claim it.

IMPORTANT! The free bet has a 7 day expiry and must be used in-play.


Remember for in-play bets we recommend to do them at half-time during a game when the odds are more stable.

i) Choose a bet to do with higher odds to make a larger profit

As this bet is in-play we can’t use the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher to find a bet. We must find a bet manually during half-time in a game. (As it is in-play we also can’t bet on horse-racing).

We have created a table for you below to see what amount of liability you will need in Smarkets to obtain certain profits from the £10 free bet.


ii) Open the Profit Bet Calculator

Once you’ve found a bet to do enter your £10 free bet stake, with your back odds from Bet600 and lay odds from Smarkets


Remember to do your important checks (Smarkets balance > liability; Smarkets liquidity > lay stake) before placing your free bet. 

iii) Select to use your free bets in the bet slip

Remember to:

> select your free bet in your betslip at Premier Punt

> place the free bet at Premier Punt first and then do your lay bet at Smarkets using the lay stake from your calculator.


Tha’s some more money added to our matched betting bank again.

Are you tracking your profits in your spreadsheet or on the Oddsmonkey Profit Tracker?

If so let’s continue to the next offer!