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NoviBet Sign Up Offer Guide

  • You get a £25 Free bet
  • Make a profit of £15 to £17
  • Newbies need ~25 minutes

We really like Novibet as a bookmaker, espeically as they have quite good boosts and offers sometimes. However, they can be a bit of a faff during registration as they ask for KYC (Know Your Customer) information from the start – see the important notes below!

Some useful information:

Although we walk through everything in this guide, if you haven’t already we recommend reading our guide on accumulators.

This offer is very similar to the Mr Green offer you have already done, however the accumulator must be done on a minimum of 3 selections AND each selection must be at odds of 1.70 or greater. This means you will need to look for a 3-way acca with odds of at least 5.0 or more.

Due to this you may have a larger Qualifying Loss than for a standard Qualifying Bet (for a £25 Qualifying Bet we personally would accepted one up to a maximum of £3 depending on what acca’s were available).

HOT TIP: As this is a ‘relatively’ large £25 Qualifying Bet at odds over 6.0 make sure you have a good balance available in Smarkets before proceeding with this offer.

Important to Know:

Some people have reported that NoviBet can ask for what may appear as ‘excessive’ ID verification. So be prepared for this (bank statement and/or another proof of address; passport; payment card both sides with specific numbers blocked out and similar).

NoviBet Offer Summary

  • IMPORTANT: You may need to opt-in to the promotion. You will need to complete KYC verification to receive your bonus. 
  • Deposit Method: Debit Card
  • Qualifying (Trigger) Bet: £25 on an accumulator (with a minimum of 3 selections)
  • Free (Profit) Bet: £25 (30 day expiry)
  • Minimum Odds: 1.70 for each selection in the acca
  • Expected Profit: £15-£17
  • Full T&Cs: click here

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Sign Up to Novibet

If you haven’t already, sign up to Smarkets first here. Next, follow the link below to get the correct offer from Novibet. 

Register and deposit a minimum of £25 at Novibet. Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. 

STEP 1: Finding your Qualifying Bet

i) Switch to decimal odds

You can switch to decimal odds in the secondary naviation bar. 

ii) Find an accumulator bet

Your £25 qualifying bet needs to be placed on an accumulator with a minimum of 3 selections (a Treble). Each selection in the accumulator needs to have odds of 1.70 or greater.

There are two approaches for doing an accumulator Qualifying Bet. We follow Option 1 in this guide. (Option 2 is mentioned briefly below).

OPTION 1) Search for an "acca" on Smarkets

This option is easiest on a Friday or Saturday when the UK football season is in full-swing.

Type “acca” in your Smarkets search bar, and you will find a host of acca’s ready to be layed off as a whole.


Find an acca with a minimum three selections.

We found a suitable 3-way acca on Smarkets at the time of writing on Reading, Derby and Grimsby all to win, and will use this for our example.

OPTION 2) Use the Oddsmonkey 'Acca Finder'

If you haven’t tried the Oddsmatcher yet you can try it here for just £1.

If you decide to use this option you need to first read and watch the Oddsmonkey Accafinder Guide and read the Accumulator Guides. Depending what accumulators are available you may need to either lay all games at the start or lay them sequentially (i.e. if the first team loses you won’t need to lay the second team).

Using the Accafinder may give you a much smaller Qualifying Loss than you can get following Option 1. However, option 1 is the easiest route for beginners  so we follow this approach in this guide. 

iii) Select the exact same teams in Novibet which are in the acca on Smarkets

Once you’ve found an acca on Smarkets at suitable odds (above 5.0 in this case), you now need to choose the exact same teams individually at Novibet. 

You can see in the screenshot below we’ve selected Reading, Derby and Grimsby to win each of their games. You can also see the minimum odds for each selection are all more than 1.70.


Important to Know:

Make sure none of the selections in your accumulator are 100% payout (or marked with a super payout/boost or similar) as such selections are not included in the welcome offer. (i.e. you won’t get your free bet!)

iv) Check what the back odds are for your acca on Novibet

When you have selected your teams at Novibet, your bet slip will give you your odds for the ‘Accumulator’. 

Ignore everything else in the betslip – we only need the Accumulator.


You can see in our example here the combined back odds for all 3 teams to win (Trebles x 1) are 12.11. 

v) Get the lay odds for your acca from Smarkets

IMPORTANT: The lay odds for accumulators on Smarkets are the lay odds blue box in the  ‘Yes’ section. Ignore the ‘No’ section altogether.

You can see in our example here the lay odds for our accumulator (i.e. the odds against ‘Yes’) are 13.50


STEP 2: Calculate the Lay Bet Amount

Using the Qualifying Bet Calculator

You will now need to enter:

  1. Your stake amount at Novibet (it is £25 for this offer)
  2. Your ‘acca’ back odds at Novibet (combined should be over 5.0 minimum)
  3. The ‘acca’ blue box lay odds (against Yes) from Smarkets

The calculator then works out your lay stake amount, which you will use for your against bet at Smarkets.


> Check your Smarkets balance is greater than your calculator liability.

> Reduce the chance of partially-matched bets or un-matched bets by making sure the liquidity (amount under blue lay box) is larger than your lay stake amount.

If your Qualifying Loss is too large you may need to try again on another day or use the Oddsmonkey AccaFinder apporach mentioned above. 

STEP 3: Placing your bets

Write your £25 stake in the Accumulator section on your betslip, then place your bet at Novibet first and check it’s confirmed.

Place your lay bet at Smarkets using the lay stake from your calculator.

STEP 4: Profiting from your Free Bets

Your £25 free bet (30 day expiry) will be credited within 24 hours of your qualifying bet settling. 

By now you should be comfortable placing a standard free bet, but here’s a quick outline anyway.

i) Choose a bet to do with higher odds to make a larger profit

We need to use our Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher now to find bets with higher odds (ideally 4.0 or more) so that we can extract a good profit.

We have created a table for you below to see what amount of liability you will need in Smarkets to obtain certain profits from the £25 free bet.


If you’ve decided not to try Oddsmonkey for  £1 now then you can manually search for bets to do or check our Matched Betting  Blog.

ii) Open the Profit Bet Calculator

Once you’ve found a bet to do enter your £25 free bet stake, with your back odds from VBet and lay odds from Smarkets


Remember to do your important checks (Smarkets balance > liability; Smarkets liquidity > lay stake) before placing your free bet. 

iii) Select to use your free bet in the bet slip

Remember to:

> select your free bet in your betslip Novibet

> place the free bet at Novibet first and then do your lay bet at Smarkets using the lay stake from your Profit Bet Calculator


Congratulations on completing another matched betting offer involving an accumulator! That should be another £14+ profit added to your kitty.

Let’s keep making profits and do some more welcome offers!