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Grosvenor Sport Sign Up Offer Guide

  • 100% Odds (Profit) Boost
  • Make a profit of £7+
  • Newbies need ~20 minutes

Grosvenor 100% Odds (Profit) Boost (a.k.a. ‘Double the Odds’)

This offer is slightly different to the Bet & Get Offers you’ve already be doing, so be sure to follow the guide below to maximise your profits.

Grosvenor are perhaps more well known for their casino than their sportsbook, but they have a great welcome offer for us to make some quick cash from.

Grosvenor Offer Summary

  • Deposit Method: Debit Card
  • Qualifying (Trigger) Bet: £10
  • Odds: Use odds above 4.0
  • Expected Profit: £7+
  • Full T&Cs: click here

Need help? Don’t forget, if you need help at anytime you can:

Sign Up to Grosvenor Sport

If you haven’t already, sign up to Smarkets first here.

Next, follow the link below to get the correct offer from Grosvenor

Be sure to register via the Sportsbook welcome offer named ‘Double the Odds’ then you can deposit the minimum of £10 or a bit more if you have the spare cash float available. Grosvenor have a few sports reloads for us but tend to offer good casino promotions for us to profit from long-term (which you will learn about later).

STEP 1: Finding your Profit Boost Bet

i) Switch to decimal odds

If you scroll down almost to the bottom of the page you will see a drop down option to switch the odds from fractional to decimal

ii) Use the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher to find a bet quickly - between the odds of 4.0 to 7.0

IMPORTANT! For a 100% Profit Boost bet like this we only use the Qualifying Bet Calculator. The higher the odds you use the more liability (balance in Smarkets) will be needed.

Select odds in the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher tool suitable for the balance you have available in Smarkets.


If you haven’t tried the Oddsmatcher yet you can try it here for just £1.

HOT TIP: Ideally, for this type of offer, your chosen bet should have the lay bet odds at Smarkets within 10% of the odds at Grosvenor. For example, if Grosvenor’s odds are 7.0, aim for Smarkets lay odds no higher than 7.7. The closer the match between the odds the better, as the more profit you can extract.

iii) Select a Qualifying Bet and check the odds at Grosvenor and Smarkets

Remember on Smarkets: #BLUE BOXES.

Choose a bet from the Oddsmatcher then check the odds are as expected at Grosvenor and Smarkets. (If not hit ‘Refresh’ on the Oddsmatcher to update the list of available bets). 

STEP 2: Calculate the Lay Bet Amount

i) Calculate what your boosted odds will be

To work out what your Grosvenor 100% boosted back odds that you will use in your Qualifying Bet Calculator will be, you must double the Grosvenor odds, and then minus one.



Using the horse ‘Threatrebar’ from our Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher.

His back odds at Grosvenor are 6.4.

We multiply this by 2, which will be 12.8.

Then we minus 1.

So our boosted odds at Grosvenor will be 11.8.

(You don’t need to do anything to the Smarkets lay odds you have)

ii) Use these boosted Grosvenor odds in your Qualifying Bet Calculator

You will now need to enter:

  1. Your stake amount at the Grosvenor (this is £10 for this offer)
  2. Your BOOSTED back odds at Grosvenor (from the step above)
  3. The original blue box lay odds from Smarkets

The calculator then works out your lay stake amount, which you will use for your against bet at Smarkets.

You will see that using boosted odds like this will give you an immediate profit when you come to place your bets.


> Check your Smarkets balance is greater than your calculator liability.

> Reduce the chance of partially-matched bets or un-matched bets by making sure the liquidity (amount under blue lay box) is larger than your lay stake amount.

STEP 3: Don't forget to select to use the Price Boost!

IMPORTANT! In the Grosvenor betslip there will be the option to select the Price Boost – don’t forget to select it and then place your back bet.

Once the Grosvenor bet is confirmed, place your lay bet at Smarkets using the lay stake from your calculator.


Once this boosted bet settles you will automatically be in profit! 

We love odds profits boosts like this as they are so quick and easy. When you start doing reload offers you will see odds boosts like this have a BIG part to play in making our long-term profits. 

If you have any balance left at Grosvenor we would recommend to place a fake mug bet or two before withdrawing. Keep an eye on your email for promotions and remember to message the Facebook Group if you need help with any or are not sure if you can take advantage of them or not.

Track your profits in your spreadsheet, and let’s get cracking with the next offer…