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Genting Bet Sign Up Offer Guide

  • £10 Free Bet Refund
  • Make a profit of £5+
  • Newbies need ~20 minutes

PLUS! Get £6 Profit more via Quidco Cashback! #niceone

This is a Free Bet If Lose Offer

If you haven’t already we recommend reading our guide here before doing this offer.

This guide is based on the Guaranteed Profit Method using the Oddsmonkey Risk Equal Profit Calculator (which you can access here for just £1).

The Potential Profit Method is briefly outlined at the end of this guide.

Genting are another brand who are predominantly known for their casinos. Their sportsbook sign up offer gives us a £10 refund as a free bet if the first bet loses.

Genting are also an official partner of Quidco. By signing up to Genting via Quidco you can therefore not only benefit from Genting’s £10 free bet refund but also get £6 cashback from Quidco – leaving you a tidy profit of about £11-£12!

What is Quidco?

When you shop through Quidco and complete a ‘purchase’, they receive a commission from that retailer for referring you. Instead of keeping this commission, they pass it on to you in the form of cashback. You then withdraw this to your bank. Simple!

Genting Free Bet if Lose Offer Summary

IMPORTANT! Join Quidco here then follow their link to the Genting Sports Betting offer. If you wish to benefit from the extra £6 profit via cashback your first deposit must be £25, and you must do a fake mug bet of £15 after completing the £10 free bet if lose offer.

  • Deposit Method: Debit Card
  • Qualifying (Trigger) Bet: £10
  • Free Bet if Lose: £10 (14 day expiry)
  • Minimum Odds: 2.0
  • IMPORTANT! Maximum Odds for free bet: 5.0
  • Expected Profit: £5.50 + £6 Cashback
  • Full T&Cs: check via Genting Sportsbook Quidco link

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Need help? Don’t forget, if you need help at anytime you can:

Sign Up to Genting Sportsbook via Quidco

If you haven’t already, sign up to Smarkets first here. 

Next, follow the link below to join Quidco.

On Quidco search for the ‘Genting Sports Betting’ page. Once on the correct page with £6.12 cashback be sure to click their green ‘Get Cashback’ button. 

IMPORTANT: You will be taken to a Genting Sportsbook promotional page that offers a £10 free bet IF your first settled bet doesn’t win. Click the ‘Bet Here’ button to register. Your first deposit must be £25 if you wish to get the extra £6 cashback profit via Quidco.

STEP 1: Finding your Qualifying Bet

i) Switch to decimal odds

On desktop and mobile this is available near the bottom of the left-hand menu (just under Sports > Volleyball).


ii) Use the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher to find a bet quickly at odds of 4.0 or more

IMPORTANT! For the Qualifying Bet portion of ‘Free Bet if Lose Offers’ we can make more profit the higher odds that we use. How high you can go though will depend on your available balance in Smarkets. We recommend using odds of at least 6.0 if you can.

The table below outlines the estimated liability you will require for the Qualifying Bet portion of this offer and the estimated profit you will make.

To help you find the best bet to do, and to find it quickly, we recommend to use your Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher tool. If you haven’t tried the Oddsmatcher yet you can try it here for just £1.

Of course if you’re not quite ready to try Oddsmonkey yet you can get help finding a bet to do in our Potential Bet Selections section of our Matched Betting Blog or use the manual approach you learnt during the previous offers (e.g. in the Sky Bet offer). 

iii) Select a bet and check the odds at Genting and Smarkets

Remember on Smarkets: #BLUE BOXES.

Choose a bet from the Oddsmatcher then check the odds are as expected at Genting and Smarkets. (If not hit ‘Refresh’ on the Oddsmatcher to update the list of available bets). 

STEP 2: Calculate the Lay Bet Amount

Using the Oddsmonkey Risk Free Equal Profit Calculator

You will now need to enter:

  1. Your stake amount at the bookmaker (will be £10 for this offer)
  2. Your back odds at the bookmaker (ideally over 4.0)
  3. The blue box lay odds from Smarkets
  4. Your lay commission at Smarkets (usually 2%)
  5. The amount of the free bet you will be awarded if your Qualifying Bet loses (this will be £10 for this offer)
  6. Your expected percentage profit extraction from the free bet if you receive it (for newbies we recommend to make this 75%)

The calculator then works out your ideal lay stake amount, which you will use for your against bet at Smarkets.


> Check your Smarkets balance is greater than your calculator liability.

> Reduce the chance of partially-matched bets or un-matched bets by making sure the liquidity (amount under blue lay box) is larger than your lay stake amount.

STEP 3: Placing your bets

Place your £10 bet at Genting first and check it’s confirmed.

Place your lay bet at Smarkets using the ideal lay stake from the Risk Free Equal Profit Calculator.

STEP 4: If your Qualifying Bet...

WINS at Genting

You will automatically be in profit and have completed this Free Bet if Lose offer. Well done!

REMEMBER. If you wish to get an extra £6 profit through Quidco you now need to place at least £15’s worth of fake mug bets (remember these are exactly the same as doing standard Qualifying Bets using your Qualifying Bet Calculator). You then will have wagered the minimum £25 required to trigger your cashback.

LOSES at Genting

You will be slightly down by a small qualifying loss, but the bet losing at Genting will trigger them to give you a £10 free bet (with a 14 day expiry). The free bet is usually credited within 24 hours of your first bet settling.

You then need to use this free bet in the normal way using your Profit (Free) Bet Calculator.

IMPORTANT! The maximum odds you can do this free bet on at Genting are 5.0.

i) Use your Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher to find a bet with odds between 4.0 and 5.0.

We have created a table for you below to see what amount of liability you will need in Smarkets to obtain certain profits from this £10 free bet.

ii) Open the Profit (Free) Bet Calculator

Once you’ve found a bet to do enter your £10 free bet stake, with your back odds from Genting and lay odds from Smarkets


Remember to do your important checks (Smarkets balance > liability; Smarkets liquidity > lay stake) before placing your free bet. 

iii) Use the free bet in your betslip

Remember to:

> select your free bet in your betslip at Genting

> place the free bet at Genting first, check it’s confirmed and then do your lay bet Smarkets

iv) After completing your free bet

You are now in profit! (Add your profit from your free bet to your original qualifying loss to work out your overall profit).

REMEMBER. If you wish to get an extra £6 profit through Quidco you now need to place at least £15’s worth of fake mug bets (remember these are exactly the same as doing standard Qualifying Bets using your Qualifying Bet Calculator). You then will have wagered the minimum £25 required to trigger your cashback.

In combination with the Quidco cashback, after completing this offer you will now be in profit by £11-£12 for very little work! Great job!

The Potential Profit Method

We recommend to follow one of the basic Bet & Get Offer guides, such as the 888 Sport offer guide. You will only end in profit though if the Qualifying Bet loses and you unlock the free bet. Otherwise you will be down a small qualifying loss. 

As you do the offer though remember the minimum odds for the Qualifying Bet are 2.0. You should try do the Qualifying Bet at higher odds though to increase the chances of it losing at Genting, and your free bet being unlocked.

Additionally, the maximum odds for the Free Bet are 5.0.

REMEMBER. If you wish to get an extra £6 profit through Quidco you need to place an additional £15’s worth of fake mug bets in addition to your £10 Qualifying Bet. You then will have wagered the minimum £25 required to trigger your cashback.


Really big pat on the back for completing this new type of matched betting offer!

Wasn’t too bad was it? 

Don’t forget to let us know how you are getting on via our Facebook Group, and don’t forget to track your profits in the spreadsheet too.