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Betfair Sportsbook Guide & Introduction to the Oddsmatcher

  • You get £100 in Free Bets
  • Make a profit of £50 to £70+
  • ~40 minutes per bet 'round'

IMPORTANT! Please be sure to follow the important sign-up information below so as not to miss out on your free bets! This offer is slightly different to those you’ve done already.

Betfair Sportsbook are one of the most recognised brands in the sports betting world. They also happen to provide one of our favourite beginner matched betting sign up offers, with a £100 of free bets to be had. From this, you should be looking to make at least £50-£70 in clear profit.

HOT TIP: This is a fantastic offer for honing the skills you’ve learnt so far and for building up your profits and matched betting bank ready to help you blast your way through the next set of welcome offers. This offer is referred to as a Multi-Step Bet & Get Offer. 

What’s a Multi-Step Bet & Get Offer?

This type of offer is very similar to standard Bet & Get Offers, in that we still have to place a qualifying bet to release a free bet. The only difference now is that we have to place 5 x £10 qualifying bets (each above odds of 1.5) to release one £20 free bet.

Betfair Sportsbook allows us to then repeat this process up to five times to release a total of £100 in free bets!

Sign Up to Betfair Sportsbook

Important Betfair Sign-up Information

To be taken to the correct offer for the £100 in free bets please go via the Betfair Sportsbook link here or via the button below.

Once the £100 free bet page is open click the ‘join now’ button.

(If you don’t see the £100 free bet offer please drop us a message and we’ll help you find the correct offer).

A registration form will open. Complete the form and make sure the automatic promo code is applied! Also be sure to tick to receive marketing emails as they have some really great on-going offers.

Once registered you must make a minimum first deposit of £50 in order to be able to complete the first part of the welcome offer (5 x £10 qualifying bets) and to release your first £20 free bet without any issue. 

You will initially need around £70-£90 in your Smarkets account in order to complete the first round of Qualifying Bets for this offer.

If you haven’t signed up to Smarkets yet you can do so here to claim your £10 welcome bonus.

£100 Free Bet Offer Summary

  • Promo code applied automatically
  • First Deposit: £50
  • Deposit Method: Debit Card
  • Expected Profit: £50-£70
  • Expiry: 30 days in which to to complete the entire offer.
  • Qualifying Bet: £50 (5 x £10)
  • Free (Profit) Bet: £20 per Qualifying Bet Round
  • Minimum Odds: 1.50
  • Multi-Step: Repeat up to 5 times for a total of £100 in free bets
  • Full T&Cs: click here

Need help? Don’t forget, if you need help at anytime you can:

STEP 1: Finding 5 Qualifying Bets

Video_Guide_IconTo view a video guide example please Join for Free here.

i) Switch to Decimal Odds Format

Make sure you are on the Sportsbook section at Betfair then:

  • On desktop scroll down to the bottom of the page and switch the ‘View odds as’ section from fractional to decimal;
  • On mobile click the ‘Menu’ button (next to the ‘Home’ button), then ‘Settings’ and switch ‘Odds Display’ to decimal.

ii) Finding 5 Qualifying Bets Quickly

To make it easier for you to find your first 5 qualifying bets (with the smallest possible qualifying losses) that will release your first £20 free bet, we recommend you start using Oddsmonkey.

It really is a matched betting life-changer that will save you both time and money – particularly via their Oddsmatcher tool. The Oddsmatcher is an easy-to-use tool that automatically and quickly finds bets for you.

You can see the Oddsmatcher in action and how to set it up to complete this Betfair Sportsbook offer in our video below.

We have been using this tool (and many others on Oddsmonkey) for a few years now and couldn’t be without them. The good news is that you can try out this awesome tool (and several others) now for just £1!

Of course if you’re not quite ready to try Oddsmonkey yet you can get help finding Qualifying Bets via our Matched Betting Blog or use the manual approach you learnt during the previous offers (e.g. in the Coral offer). 

iii) Be sure to select Qualifying Bets with minimum odds of 1.50

When you are setting up your Oddsmatcher following the video (or screenshot below), don’t forget to make sure that each of your qualifying bet selections are above odds of 1.50, but preferably less than 2.80. This is to limit the liability (balance) needed at Smarkets to complete your Qualifying Bets..

Please note, don’t place Qualifying Bets on opposite bets in the same market. (For example if Man Utd. are playing Chelsea, don’t do your first Qualifying Bet on Man Utd to win and then your second on Chelsea to win or on the draw!).

View a Screenshot Example

iv) Select your first Qualifying Bet and check the odds at Betfair Sportsbook and Smarkets

Remember BLUE BOXES on Smarkets.

The OddsMatcher tool lists the bets in order of the closest matches between the odds at Betfair Sportsbook and Smarkets.

Choose a first Qualifying Bet to do from the list and check the odds are still the same at Betfair Sportsbook and Smarkets.

If the odds are the same (or very similar) then you’re ready to go. If they’ve changed slightly just click the Refresh button on the top-right of the Oddsmatcher to get a new list of suitable bets to do.

View a Screenshot Example

HOT TIP: On the Oddsmatcher if you click the arrow next to the Smarkets logo on your selected bet, you will be taken to the correct page on Smarkets instantly. (We only recommend to use this for Smarkets and not for Betfair Sportsbook or other bookmakers).


STEP 2: Calculate the Lay Bet Amount

Video_Guide_IconTo view a video guide example please Join for Free here.

Using the Qualifying Bet Calculator

SPECIAL NOTE: As this is a multi-step bet and get offer you do NOT need to bet more than £10 for each Qualifying Bet (unlike what we recommended to do with standard Bet & Get offers).

You will now need to enter:

  1. Your stake amount at the bookmaker (for this offer each Qualifying Bet is £10)
  2. Your back odds at the bookmaker (e.g. 1.61 were our example odds for B.Munich to win)
  3. The blue box lay odds from Smarkets (e.g. 1.62 were our example odds against B.Munich winning)

The calculator then works out your lay stake amount.

This is the amount you will use at Smarkets for your against bet.


> At this point you must always check the liability amount on your calculator. Your balance in Smarkets must be the same or larger than the liability amount. If your Smarkets balance is less than the liability, you can not do your Qualifying bet until you top up your Smarkets balance first.

> It’s also a good idea to check the liquidity available in Smarkets is greater than your stake amount (the liquidity is the small silver numbers in £ that are under your lay odds blue box) . Ideally your liquidity should be at least double your lay stake amount.

STEP 3: Placing your bets

Video_Guide_IconTo view a video guide example please Join for Free here.

Always remember to put your bookmaker bet through first.

When your first £10 Betfair Sportsbook bet has been placed and confirmed, follow this by placing your opposing lay bet at Smarkets, using the lay stake worked out by your calculator.

You’ve now done the first of your five £10 Qualifying Bets. 

Now all you need to do is four more £10 Qualifying Bets using the same process again. This should be super-quick for you with the help of the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher. Remember to do each Qualifying Bet on a different team and game.

After completing your first set of 5 x £10 free bets wait for your first £20 fre bet to be released.

STEP 4: Profiting from the £20 free bet

Video_Guide_IconTo view a video guide example please Join for Free here.

IMPORTANT! We recommend NOT to start doing your next round of 5 x £10 Qualifying Bets until you have received and used the £20 free bet each time.


Each £20 free bet is released into your account within 24 hours of it’s corresponding 5 x £10 Qualifying Bets settling (i.e. the games ending). 

If, for example, you placed your 5 qualifying bets on Saturday morning, and the games all finish Saturday afternoon, your £20 free bet should be credited on Sunday, and at the latest by Monday. 

i) Choose a team with higher odds to make a larger profit

We need to find a bet to do with higher odds so that we can extract a larger profit from our £20 free bet. To do this we can use the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher again, but this time with the ‘back odds’ set slightly higher.

View a Screenshot Example

We have created a table for you below to see what amount of liability you will need in Smarkets to obtain certain profits from each £20 free bet.


If you’ve decided not to try Oddsmonkey for now then you can manually search for bets to do or check our blog for potential bet selections.

ii) Open the Profit Bet Calculator

Once you’ve found a bet to do enter your £20 free bet stake, with your back odds from Betfair Sportsbook and lay odds from Smarkets.

The calculator will work out the lay stake amount you need to use at Smarkets to make your profit. Here’s an example of what your calculator will look like:



Before placing your free bet, remember to do your two important checks: 

Smarkets balance is greater than the liability in the calculator

Liquidity at Smarkets (silver numbers in £ under blue lay odds box) is greater than your stake amount

iii) Select to use your free bets in the bet slip

When you have calculated your lay stake and are ready to place the £20 free bet at Betfair Sportsbook, ensure you tick the ‘use bonus button’ in your bet slip before placing the free bet.


Always remember to put your Betfair Sportsbook free bet through first, check it’s confirmed then follow it up by doing your lay bet at Smarkets using the lay stake from your Profit (Free) Bet Calculator.

iv) Repeat everything up to a total of 5 times

You have now obtained your first profit from the first £20 free bet in this offer.

As you know by now, you will have to repeat the entire process a total of 5 times in order to receive the full £100’s of free bets.

Remember you have 30 days to complete the entire offer.

HOT TIP – Money management with this offer

If some (or all) of your bets have ‘won’ in Betfair Sportsbook and you need to top up your Smarkets balance a bit before doing the next round you can withdraw some money from Betfair Sportsbook to your bank account. Leave at least £50 in Betfair Sportsbook though ready to complete the next round of Qualifying Bets.

Withdrawals can take 3+ working days to reach your bank account – so if you are starting with a small matched betting cash float (like we did ourselves!) you may have to wait a few days until you can move this money into Smarkets and continue. Depending on which way the bets go on each round will determine if you need to do more withdrawals or not.

Definitely leave a bit of cash in Betfair at the end of the offer though and even do a couple of fake mug bets as they have some awesome reload offers for us to profit from too!


By the end of this offer after you’ve released £100’s worth of free bets you will have hopefully made a total of £50-£70 in profits.

Please let us know how you get on on how you found the awesome Oddsmatcher via the Facebook Group.

PROFIT TRACKING TIP: Oddsmonkey have their own Profit Tracking Tool you can use as well – so be sure to check it out. Some people prefer our profit tracking spreadsheet though – the choice is yours! Just remember to log all your bets if you want to enter our monthly competitions on Facebook.