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Smarkets Betting Exchange Sign Up Offer Guide

  • £10 Cash Refund
  • Make a profit of £10
  • Newbies need ~10 minutes

Follow our guide below for the best way to claim and profit from Smarkets’ £10 cash refund welcome offer and for how to learn how to use their exchange for matched betting.

Register to Smarkets Exchange. Follow our button below to be taken to Smarkets safely. IMPORTANT The £10 cash refund bonus is applied to your account if you make a first deposit of £20 or more with a debit card. No promo code is required. 

Need help? Don’t forget, if you need help at anytime you can:

How to use Smarkets & Make an Easy £10!

The First Deposit Bonus Explained

After registering to Smarkets and depositing at least £20 you will automatically receive a £10 bonus.

You should be able to view it under the section ‘First Deposit Bonus’

If you can’t see the bonus please contact their customer support before placing any lay bets.

The bonus is valid for 3 months and all you have to do to receive it as cash is use Smarkets from now on as your primary exchange for laying your bets with when matched betting.

So, basically you don’t have to do anything apart from start completing the matched betting welcome offers.

As soon as you “lose” £10’s worth of lay bets out of Smarkets whilst you are doing your first few matched betting offers you will be automatically refunded the £10. That’s it.

(The word “lose” is in adverted commas as you don’t actually lose the money with matched betting – just move it across to the bookmaker).

You can see below how our lay bet on a Man Utd game that we were matched betting on way bac in 2017 was refunded as £10 cash when it lost out of Smarkets (and moved into Sky Bet). 

Laying Bets on Smarkets

Although we explain all this in all our welcome guides, it’s still useful to have a quick read-through how to lay bets on Smarkets.

At Smarkets the Lay Odds are in the BLUE BOXES.

The liquidity available appears in £ underneath the lay odds box.


To place a lay bet all you need to do is click the blue lay odds box and a betslip will appear.

Double check the betslip has the word ‘AGAINST’ in blue to be sure you are placing a lay bet.

Write the lay stake amount it, double check your liability is correct (as per your calculator) then just click place bet > confirm bet. 


As soon as a lay bet is confirmed and matched it will appear in the ‘Active Bets’ of the ‘YOUR BETS’ section which can be found under your balance.

You can also select to see unmatched bets, partially matched bets and recently settled bets as you need. 


#WDPHotTip – Make More Profits by Using Smarkets as your Betting Exchange

Smarkets is one of the most popular betting exchanges for matched betting. This is because their commission rate is just 2%. 

Their main competitor (Betfair) charges more than twice as much commission at 5%. 

Choosing to use Smarkets as our main betting exchange from the beginning means over the long-term we will make much more money from matched betting that we would using Betfair. 

Placing 100 x £10 matched bets with Smarkets (using back and lay odds of 2.0) will cost us just £10 in commission from the profits we make.

Placing the same 100 matched bets with Betfair will end up costing us £26 from the profits we make!

As an experienced matched bettor can easily place 1000+ matched bets a year you can start to see the benefits of using Smarkets as your primary exchange from the get go.

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Worried About Starting on Your Own?

Watched the videos and read the guides but still unsure what to do or worried you might make a mistake? Don’t worry we’re here to help! 


Get instant help and support from ourselves and our awesome community of matched bettors, ask any questions you have, see how much others are making.

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