What is Oddsmonkey?

Oddsmonkey is a subscription based service which provides awesome tools to help matched bettors like us make lots of profits quickly and easily – month in month out.

We use their services pretty much every day as do nearly 30,000 other savvy matched bettors! 

As the saying goes "Time is Money"

As you may have realised doing the first couple of sign-up offers, the most time-consuming aspect of matched betting – especially when you’re a newbie – is hunting around for the best bets to do for your Qualifying Bets and Profit (Free) Bets.

Well with Oddsmonkey’s Oddsmatcher Tool you can forget all that and find the bets you want literally within seconds!

All you do is tell the Oddsmatcher which Bookmaker you are doing an offer with (e.g. Betfair Sportsbook); your preferred sports for the bet to be on (football and horses); and the range of odds you are interested in (e.g. 1.51 to 2.80) and “hey presto!”

…lists of available bets appear before you!


If you didn’t see it already, here’s a video of Marie finding Suitable Qualifying Bets in under a minute!

Doing the 5 x £10 Qualifying Bets and the £20 free bet for each round of the Betfair Sportsbook Welcome Offer now takes a few minutes rather than well over half an hour! 

Check out the Oddsmatcher with us

Use code WILDDOGOM and try out the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher yourself for 7 days for just £1.

We show you in our guides how to set the Oddsmatcher up, but to be honest you’ll be surprised just how simple and quick it is to use.

Plus there's more...

Although the Oddsmatcher is arguably Oddsmonkey’s No. 1 Tool – they have a TON of other awesome tools and resources as well! Here’s just a few of them.

Super stuff for matched betting beginners

Smarkets Integration

You can integrate Oddsmonkey Premium with your Smarkets account. This means you can place your lay (against) bets lightning fast from within Oddsmonkey itself! Yes - matched betting just became even faster than before!

Smarkets 0% Commission

Currently, until the 31st Dec 2019, you can opt-in to get 0% commission with Smarkets instead of 2%. This may not sound like much but personally speaking this has saved each us of at least £25 a month for the last year!

Extra Calculators

As you progress through our matched betting welcome offers you will see that some of the later offers require a different kind of matched betting calculator. Oddsmonkey Premium has these calculators.

Daily Offers

Oddsmonkey provides the most extensive list of daily matched betting reload offers, plus they update it every time a new offer comes in. Each offer on the daily calendar has its own pop-up guide and you can check each offer off as you complete them.


There is a massive support network of super Oddsmonkey staff mixed with experienced matched bettors. You can literally ask them anything. Plus everyone shares tips and offers to help each other make more profits every day.

Personal Training

Oddsmonkey offer all new Premium Members a 30 minute personal training session. We highly recommend taking advantage of this awesome service as they give amazing advice, tips and show you around their software.

How much is all this per month though?

So if you like Oddsmonkey Premium after your 7 day £1 trial, their subscription service is then just £17.99 a month.

As you saw in the reviews above this monthly cost is viewed as an absolute bargain among Oddsmonkey members (including ourselves) as we easily cover this cost each month with very little effort. To be perfectly honest we’d pay double and still consider it amazing value. 

Sign up via the button below with the code WILDDOGOM and you’ll see for yourself.

If you don’t see the value at the end of your trial week (which honestly will surprise us!) you can easily cancel your subscription with a click on your account page.

Super stuff for intermediate and advanced matched bettors

You are just at the beginning of what’s possible with matched betting. We don’t want to overwhelm you right now so will just briefly mention the more advanced tools Oddsmonkey has available for when you progress to the next level of matched betting – beyond the welcome offers and the easy daily reload offers. 

The Horse Racing Each-Way Matcher

This is a tool that allows us to make profits from horse racing often without any free bets or similar offers being involved. 

The Horse Racing ‘General’ Matcher

This tool massively speeds up working through daily horse-racing offers and promotions and helps to minimize qualifying losses 

The Acca (Accumulator) Matcher

This tool helps to make profits from football accumulator (multiple) bets.

The Dutching Finder

Dutching is a method of making profits from differences in odds between different bookmakers. This tool helps us do this quickly and easily. 

Advanced Guides and Offers

Oddsmonkey have extensive written and video guides for more complex matched betting offers and also casino offers. Yes – we make money from doing casino offers too, and no we still don’t gamble!

How best to use your 7-day trial

Use code WILDDOGOM and try out Oddsmonkey Premium yourself for 7 days for just £1.

After you’ve signed up you can follow through the Betfair Sportsbook Welcome offer first to learn the Oddsmatcher and then use our 10-point Oddsmonkey Starter Guide to start getting to grips with some of the other tools and resources Oddsmonkey has to offer.