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Even More Profits Matched Betting with Oddsmonkey

  • £30+/day
  • Potential unlimited daily profit
  • Newbies need ~5 minutes to read

Oddsmonkey are the UK’s biggest matched betting company.

For all the remaining welcome offers on the Wild Dog Profits list, we talk about how Oddsmonkey saves you both time and money by finding the best qualifying and free bets for you to use, with their ever famous Oddsmatcher software.

You can see a video example of how the Oddsmatcher works here.

This will enable you to have the smallest qualifying losses, and biggest profit extractions throughout your matched betting lifetime.

But as incredible as this is, it is not their main feature.


With over 10,000 members, they are the go to place for making matched betting sustainable after these sign up offers are complete.

Yes, matched betting is not just about the welcome offers.

Far, far from it.

They do this by scouring the bookies each and every day to provide us with daily reload offers.


These are the offers bookmakers provide to existing customers to keep them betting on their website.

These ongoing reload offers are in tangent to the welcome offers you have already completed, and Oddsmonkey provide us with simple step-by-step instructions on how to complete them to make our profits each time a new one comes up.

As you can see, some can be more lucrative than a lot of the welcome offers available…

If you have got to this Oddsmonkey guide, you should have made over £100 matched betting. This is incredible.

But it’s also just the beginning.

We partner with Oddmonkey, which will allow you to escalate your profits at a rapid rate by initially using their Oddsmatcher software, and then by mixing the current welcome offers (you have already been getting through), with these existing customer reload offers mentioned above.

They have provided our members a 7 day trial of their premium services for just £1, which you can get by clicking the green button below, and using the code WILDDOGOM when you upgrade.

Oddmonkey really is a game changer in the world of matched betting.  

Registering at Oddsmonkey:


Input the promotion code WILDDOGOM (as shown below)


Get your £1 trial for 7 days


Need help? Don’t forget, if you need help at anytime you can:

What's next once you're on the trial?

After you have signed up, our advice is to initially use your £1 trial to set up and master using your Oddsmatcher, to help you get through the remainder of your welcome offers.

The £19.99 a month fee after the trial is peanuts in comparison to what you will make using their platform.

As well as becoming an Oddsmonkey partner, we have also been a customer of theirs for over three and a half years. Their software for helping savvy bettors (such as ourselves) make easy money from home is unparalleled.

So many of their members are making incredible amounts of cash, and it is all shared in their community forum.


If there is £600+ of guaranteed profit available from our welcome guide section, and Oddsmonkey members are making the kind of figures mentioned above on a monthly basis

Well, it is easy to see where I am going with how much I rate their product.

It really is incredible.

There is so much to get through with them, including ‘Current Daily Offer’ lists, welcome guides galore, a ‘Price Boost’ thread, endless calculators, casino bonus tutorials, bet alert notifications, integrated exchange bets, unlimited staff/community support and so much more…


As you continue to get through our welcome offers section using the Oddsmatcher, we provide guides on the best way to use Oddsmonkey and their tools – including a ‘how to make £1000+ a month’ post that will set you on your way.

You will definitely need Oddsmonkey in your repertoire if you want to achieve the likes of what has been achieved in the snippets from the community example above.

Worried About Starting on Your Own?

Watched the videos and read the guides but still unsure what to do or worried you might make a mistake? Don’t worry we’re here to help! 


Get instant help and support from ourselves and our awesome community of matched bettors, ask any questions you have, see how much others are making.

Got Questions?

There are 4 ways to ask for help 

Join the Facebook Group and ask fellow matched bettors any questions you may have

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