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Bonus Accumulator Review

Why 'BA' is the best about for Profiting From Casino Bonuses

With the world of matched betting constantly evolving, we are always looking for new ways to ‘beat the system’.

After initially being sceptical of having to be charged a monthly fee for something that was essentially a ‘casino extension’ to Profit Accumulator, I decided to give it a shot to see if it was worth the extra monthly subscription – and to my surprise…

It is the best thing to have happened in the matched betting world in a long, long time.

In this review I will discuss matched betting casino bonuses and why you will need Bonus Accumulator to conquer them.

What are matched betting casino offers?

If you have come here looking for casino bonus platform reviews, chance will have it that you already know how it all works.

If you’re still unsure as to how we (the user) have the advantage over a casino when tackling these offers, check out our matched betting casino guide which clearly explains the mechanics behind it all.

In essence, these offers are not for guaranteed profits like you’d get from laying off a free bet – which is why so many people overlook them.

But the simple fact remains that the majority of users who are making over £1k a month matched betting, will be completing low, medium and high-risk casino offers every day. 

What is Bonus Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator is what makes beating the casino possible – in a way never seen before.

In comparison to other casino bonus sites (that I also had trials with), Bonus Accumulator’s attention to detail is second to none when describing how to complete an offer.

Nothing is left unchecked.

The amount of Welcome Offers and consequent Expected Value (EV) is also unparalleled, with more than £3600 of +EV up for grabs, with simple to read and easy to understand guides.

This is what you want from a website.

The newly added features (the ‘Simulator’ and ‘Strategy Calculator’) are both fresh and highly helpful for stalwart matched bettors who have had a taste of casino matched betting before.

Firstly, the slot ‘Simulator’ allows users to complete hundreds of extra offers, as it can simulate millions of spins in one go. This allows for a far more accurate EV for offers which were previously deemed unprofitable.

It’s a great bit of kit that I have used quite a few times already.

And, their ‘Strategy Calculator’ will help you know when to hit or stand whilst completing Black Jack offers, which have always been a pain for me previously.

You just input all the hands dealt, and you will be instructed on the best move to make to ensure you are getting the highest RTP for the game.

It’s very clever, but more importantly, it makes things easier and quicker.

Remember, time is money.

Why is there an extra charge for this service when 'PA' already has a casino section?

Initially, this is what I was most sceptical about – but in reality, I shouldn’t have been.

I just needed to give it a chance.

When you actually compare the range of casino offers on Profit Accumulator and Bonus Accumulator – everything becomes very clear.

There is more of everything: far more Welcome Guides for starters (which is great for boosting your initial bankroll, especially with the risk-free offers).

But most importantly, there are far more reload offers – as this is where myself, and many other canny matched bettors will make our continuous casino profits going forward (and something you can tell the BA team are also very aware of).

This reload feature has been nailed down to a tee, which was always important for me when deciding whether to pay for my annual subscription.

There are so many more low risk, medium risk and high risk offers available in comparison to most other matched betting sites combined – which is exactly what I wanted to sink my teeth into.

I can say that the ‘Simulator’ alone is what has made this all achievable, for both the Welcome Offers and the Reloads.

It’s clear a lot of money would have been spent developing, and then perfecting this feature – but it has definitely paid off.

It is what was needed to endure BA remains sustainable.

With this, and the BA team’s obvious dedication to putting the simulator to good use, Bonus Accumulator definitely holds itself with aplomb as a stand-alone platform.

So Bonus Accumulator is definitely worth the money?

Well, let’s put it this way. I made £1753 in my first month using their website, which started with a nice £195 win from 888 Casino’s welcome offer.

I had already set aside a large enough bank (from my matched betting profits) in preparation for casino reloads. This was mainly for lockdown as there was hardly any sport to bet on – so it was the perfect time to start.  

Now, I am a canny enough matched bettor to know that with casino offers you will get highs, and lows. But when you only stick to +EV offers, you always end up UP in the long run.

Was I slightly above EV in this first month?

Yes I was, so I am expecting a slight dip going forward – but with good bank management for these offers (again, explained very clearly on the BA site), I will be able to ride this wave and continue to hover in and around the EV line.

For clarity, if you stick to what BA shows you, you will make very good money.

In my opinion, the £17.99 subscription fee is fantastic value for money, but I have now upgraded to the yearly subscription after seeing the good work has continue after the initial month.

I was sold.

How can Bonus Accumulator be improved?

The only thing I preferred about some of Bonus Accumulators competitors was that they gave their casino bonus spin offs much more of a separate identity, from a design and branding perspective (albeit, disappointing me once inside).

You would have no idea their matched betting platforms and casino bonus sites were connected.

The most important features of Bonus Accumulator (the Welcome Guides and Reload section) are far superior to anything their rivals can offer – but, I personally feel it’s first impression looks like an extension of Profit Accumulator, which slightly lets them down. 

With the excellent content and tools they have on offer, it should have been more distinct, especially when you are hoping for users to pay for a double subscription (if I haven’t already made it clear, this extra subscription is completely worth it, but doesn’t deter away from the point at hand).

I could be completely wrong about this first impression, but I feel that a separate identity would have been a much better route to go down – not just for a new user, but for PA/BA to separate themselves as a business from a members outlook.

Wrapping Things Up

If you want to take your matched betting profits to the next level, you will need a Bonus Accumulator account in your repertoire.

The monthly/annual subscription is irrelevant when compared to what you will make completing these offers throughout your matched betting casino journey.

I am glad I tried different platforms before making my decision to go with Bonus Accumulator for the year – and as my results show, it is definitely starting to pay off.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I will be interested to find out in the Facebook Group how you all get on in your first month using Bonus Accumulator.

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