Matched Betting Questions

Your Top Pre-Beginner Questions - Answered!

How Much Money Can I Make Matched Betting?

From just the beginner welcome offers listed on our website you will be aiming to make at least £700 in bankable profits.

From there you can aim to make more profits each month by completing reload offers. How much you can make from reload offers depends on how much time you put in. For a few hours a week we ourselves easily each hit £500 in profits each month. Others with more time report profits of over £1000 a month.

On average as a beginner you will be looking to make £20-£30 per hour.

How Much Time Does Matched Betting Take?

Watching our introductory matched betting video guides will take you about 20-25 minutes. From there you can complete your first welcome offer and make about £14+ in profit in 30-60 minutes.

As you gain confidence in how to do matched betting you will eventually switch to ‘auto-pilot’ mode and be completing offers and making profits within minutes.

How much time you spend every day matched betting is completely up to you. It is super flexible and can fit in around pretty much any schedule. We work full-time and have quite hectic schedules yet manage to hit £500 in profits each a month with ease. 

How Much Money Do I Need to Start Matched Betting?

To start matched betting you need a cash float to be able to deposit with, and place bets via, the bookmakers and Smarkets Betting Exchange. To be clear – (by following our guides) you do not lose this cash float – you only use it to make profits with.


You can start matched betting with as little as £10-£25. However, this is slow going and you will need a lot of patience! We therefore recommend starting with £100-£150 so you can move through offers quickly and make your profits quickly too. 

What Else Do I Need to Start Matched Betting?

As well as joining Wild Dog Profits (for free) and a starting cash float the following are essential for matched betting:

  • UK resident over the age of 18 (with relevant proof)
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone with internet
  • A debit card
  • Email address and mobile number

We also recommend to join our Facebook Community.

If you follow our guides you do not need any experience placing bets or any knowledge about sports in order to start matched betting.

How Do I Start Matched Betting?

1. Join our website for free here;

2. Watch our Matched Betting Explained Video Guide Course;

3. Complete your first welcome offer following our step-by-step written and video guides;

4. Join the Facebook Community for help and support.

Have a different question? Why not ask via live support or in our Facebook Community

(Please note due to bookmakers regularly changing their signup offers available total stated amounts to be made from welcome offers may change to those mentioned in the video or elsewhere on the website. As long as there are offers there are profits to be made though!)