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Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds Explained

This guide covers:

  • What are Price Boosts
  • How to Matched Bet Price Boosts (Lock-in and Under-lay Approaches)
  • How to find Daily Price Boost Offers
  • The Best Price Boost Offers
  • FAQs About Price Boosts
  • Top Tips for Doing Price Boost Offers

Price Boosts are one of the best and easiest ways to make ongoing profits through matched betting when you have completed all the sign up offers. Once you have built up a decent matched betting float in Smarkets, you can aim to make at least £400 a month from the daily price boost offers that are available

What are Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds?

Definition and Background

A price boost is a promotion bookmakers use where they ‘boost’ or ‘enhance’ the odds on an outcome to a higher amount than what they were originally.

Bookmakers often use price boosts, alongside many other types of reload offers, to incentivise their existing customers to keep betting with them on a regular basis. Price boosts are so popular with normal punters that many bookmakers actually do lots of price boost offers every single day on football, horse racing, and many other popular sports. As a further incentive to encourage their customers to bet, the bookmakers also often provide these boosted or enhanced odds only for a limited time each day or just an hour or so before a game or race is about to start.

A Boosted Odds Example

A simple example of a price boost promotion from Paddy Power is shown below. Here they have boosted the odds on the outcome of “Everton and Watford Both to Win” from 3.75 (or 11/4) to the higher amount of 5.0 (4/1).


To a normal punter this price boost means that a £10 bet on this outcome would now get them £40 in winnings instead of just £27.50 in winnings. This difference in potential winnings is exactly what makes price boosts so attractive to normal punters (and actually to us matched bettors as well! – as you will see below).

Alternative names

Bookmakers have various names for price boost offers – but essentially they are all just different versions of saying that the odds have been made greater than what they originally were.

Common names and terms for price boosts that you might come across at various bookmakers include: profit boost; winnings boost; odds boost; enhanced odds specials; flash odds; power price; power up; match specials; and race specials.

How to Matched Bet Price Boost Offers

Price boosts are one of our favourite types of matched betting reload offers to do because they are super quick and simple to do. They are in fact even simpler to do than Bet & Get Offers because they only involve using a single matched betting calculator to make risk-free profit.

There are two methods to approaching price boost offers.

The first is commonly known as the lock-in or guaranteed profit strategy. This approach ensures a profit no matter if the price boost wins at the bookmaker or at the exchange.

The second approach is commonly known as the under-lay or potential profit strategy. This approach makes a larger profit than the lock-in approach, but this profit is only made when the price boost wins at the bookmaker. If the boost wins at the exchange no profit is made (and nothing is lost either).

Lock-in (Guaranteed) Profit Strategy Example

Using the Paddy Power example above we saw the ORIGINAL back odds on Everton and Watford Both to Win were 3.75. 

At Smarkets (in the accumulator section) the lay odds against Everton and Watford both winning were 4.0.

Paddy states that we can bet a maximum of £20. Let’s look at this in our Qualifying Bet Calculator.


So, using the original odds at Paddy we would incur a small loss of -£1.52 if we did this bet, as is the usual with a Qualifying Bet.

However, we are not doing a Qualifying Bet, we are doing a Price Boost.

Paddy Power have BOOSTED the back odds for Everton and Watford both to win to 5.0. All we need to do therefore is update the back odds in the Qualifying Bet Calculator from the original odds of 3.75 to the boosted odds of 5.0.


The Qualifying Loss is no longer a loss but a profit of £4.61 instead!!! This is because the boost has made the odds at the bookmaker higher than those at the exchange, which results in profit rather than a loss.

This profit is guaranteed no matter what the outcomes of the Everton and Watford games are.

So, with this strategy, using ONLY the Qualifying Bet Calculator,  we can easily take advantage of any odds boost and make a very quick profit. 

Under-lay (Potential) Profit Strategy Example

Alternatively, we could also  ‘under-lay’ this price boost from Paddy Power.

Under-lay means we only lay enough to cover our back stake plus exchange commission. As this is less than what we lay for a normal matched bet, it is refereed to as under-laying.

For under-laying we need to use the normal calculator over at Oddsmonkey, but set in ‘Advanced Mode’.


By under-laying this price boost with just £20.41 (instead of the normal £25.13) we can now potentially make a profit of £18.77.

We will only make this profit though if the bet wins at Paddy Power (i.e. in this case if both Everton and Watford do win their games).

If the bet doesn’t win at Paddy, and wins at Smarkets instead,  then we won’t make anything, but we won’t lose anything either. 

Which Strategy is Best to Use?

Although there are many matched bettors who may prefer using one strategy over the other we feel a combination approach is best.

As a guide line, for price boosts with lower odds (usually less than 4.50) and/or those which will result in less than a £2.50 profit from the lock-in (guaranteed profit) strategy we tend to under-lay.

For price boosts with higher odds (usually more than 7.0) and/or those which will result in a profit of £3 or more from the lock-in strategy than we will stick with the lock-in (guaranteed) profit approach.

Every now and again we will deviate from this and under-lay these boosts as well – mainly if we think the boost has a relatively good chance of wining at the bookmaker.

How to Find Daily Price Boost Offers


We personally find the Oddsmonkey Price Boost Forum Thread absolutely essential for making our £100+ weekly profits from reload price boost offers.

On the Oddsmonkey forum thread lots of matched bettors post price boosts that they come across each day which are worthwhile matched betting.


On normal days there are usually 1-3 boosts an hour, whilst on busy days (such as when the Premier League is on or a horse racing festival like Cheltenham) there can sometimes be 7-10 boosts in an hour.

This thread is how we easily hit over £100 each week, or £400 a month from just price boosts alone. As access to the forum and many other tools is just £17.99 a month you can see how Oddsmonkey can literally pay for itself within a day or two of using it. 

(For just £1 you can give Oddsmonkey a try here)

Our Facebook Community & Blog

Between our Facebook Group and Matched Betting Blog we post the most profitable price boosts that are available as they come up. Community members also post price boost offers they come across too.

If you are looking to make the most profit available from price boost offers then using the Oddsmonkey Forum in combination with our Faecbook Group and Blog is certainly the best apporach. 

The Best Price Boost Offers

Unmissable Price Boost Offers

On our Unmissable Daily Profits Blog Post we always list weekly (or other regular) price  boosts that, are well, not to be missed!

These tend to include:

1) Sky Bet’s Saturday Soccer Special and, 

2) William Hill’s Saturday Treble.

Both of these offers are on 3-way (treble) football accumulators which are available to lay off on Smarkets in the accumulator section.

Additionally, it’s usually worth logging in to William Hill via your mobile every day just before midday not to miss their ‘Flash Odds’ Price Boost. This is usually only available for 15 minutes though so don’t be late!


The Best Bookmakers for Boosts & Enhanced Odds Offers

Although nearly all bookmakers offer price boosts and enhanced odds offers on a regular basis we think the best offers by far (in no particular order) are from:

  • Sky Bet
  • Paddy Power 
  • BetFred 
  • BetWay
  • Betfair Sportsbook
  • William Hill
  • Boyesports
  • Unibet
  • BetVictor

FAQs About Matched Betting Price Boost Offers

What Profits can be made from Daily Price Boost Offers?

The overall profits you can make from daily price boost offers depends firstly on which strategy (lock-in or under-lay) you most frequently choose to use on the boosts and secondly on how many boost offers you do each day. The more offers you can do each day the more money you can make.

In general, if you choose to go with the lock-in profit strategy profits are guaranteed and tend to average between £2-£4 per offer. By using this strategy to do as many boosts as you can each day, you could easily make £100 or even £150 a week.

If you choose to go with the under-lay strategy profits tend to be higher, at between £5-£15 per offer, but (as explained above) are only made when the price boost wins at the bookmaker. By using under-laying to do as many boosts as you can each day, you could also easily make £100 or even £150 a week, but also have the potential to hit much higher profits (over £200) on some weeks as well – if lots of boosts happen to win at the bookies that week..  

When is it Best for a Newbie to Start doing Daily Price Boosts?

We recommend newbies to prioritise completing the first 7-10 new customer welcome offers on our list before proceeding to start any daily price boost offers. This is because you need to have built up a decent amount in Smarkets to be able to cover the liability needed for doing price boosts.

Initially you may only have the balance available in Smarkets to do a couple of price boosts a day, but as you continue to build your profits from doing welcome an reload offers you will be able to do more each day.

Is Oddsmonkey Necessary to do Price Boost Offers?

As we mentioned above, we personally find Oddsmonkey absolutely essential if you want to make decent profits from price boost offers in the minimal time possible.

The two key advanced tools  we use on a daily basis are the Oddsmonkey Price Boost Forum Thread and the Advanced Mode on the normal calculator for under-laying.

If you want to try out these tools then for just £1 you can give Oddsmonkey a try here.

Tips on Matched Betting Price Boost Offers

1. Not all boosts can be layed off

Sometimes bookmakers offer boosts and enhanced odds on a market that we are not able to lay off at the exchange. As we can’t lay the bet, there is no way for us to make a profit, so we don’t do the boost.

A good example of such a boost would be on “Sterling (a Man City player) AND Kane (a Tottenham player) both to score”. This boost is a kind-of ‘goal-scorer accumulator’ and there is currently no equivalent lay market on the exchanges for this. 

2. Keep an eye on the maximum stake allowed

Some bookmakers restrict the amount you can bet on a price boost so it’s worth double checking this in the offer terms and conditions before trying to place your bets.

William Hill is notorious for doing this in the actual betslip – so double check they haven’t altered your stake amount before placing the back bet with them – otherwise you can end up laying too much at the exchange by accident. (Yes we’ve made this mistake ourselves!)

3. Not all boosts are profitable

Price boosts are only worthwhile doing when the odds that are boosted at the bookmaker are higher than the lay odds are at the exchange. Otherwise we do not make a profit.

However, non-profit boosts can sometimes be useful when used for completing a Qualifying Bet for another offer or a fake mug bet – as the boosted odds reduce the Qualifying Loss amount.

We don’t advise using boosted odds every single time for Qualifying Bets or fake mug bets but perhaps every 3rd to 4th time. If using a price boost for a Qualifying Bet be sure to check the terms and conditions of the offer first and that boosted odds bets are accepted. Many of the bookie weekly club offers for example accept bets on boosted odds as Qualifying Bets.

4. Watch out for 'Arbs' - they are not Price Boosts

An ‘arb’ is when the ORIGINAL odds at the bookmaker happen to be higher than the lay odds at the exchange. They have no stake restriction. They are not part of any promotional offer and are certainly not ‘advertised’ to punters.

A price boost on the other-hand is when the bookmaker BOOSTS the odds for a promotional offer, and causes them to be higher than the lay odds exchange. They are often stake restricted and actively advertised to punters..

Arbs most often occur in horse racing and are often only available for very short periods of time. Although arbs can be used in the same way as price boosts, and can therefore make us money, we strongly advise against doing them. This is because the bookmakers will recognize that you are ‘arbing’ very quickly and you will then no longer receive free bets and offers and potentially also have the stake amounts you can bet with them restricted.

We personally avoid arbs like the plague!


If you’ve got any questions about this guide or any other of our matched betting guides, please feel to ask in our Facebook Group, or message us here. We and the community are always happy to help!