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matched betting free bet if lose
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Guaranteed Profit Current Offers

This guide explains how to find matched betting reload offers with guaranteed profit and how best to use the Oddsmonkey Current Offer’s List.

Reload Offers with Guaranteed Profit

No matter what your matched betting cash float amount is or your level of experience we recommend that your first priority each week should be to do the easy weekly free bet cubs and any other guaranteed profit offers available.

Where is the quickest and easiest place to find out about these other guaranteed profit reload offers though? 

The Oddsmonkey Current Offer List

How to Find and Use the Oddsmonkey Current Offer List

To reach the Current Offers list on Oddsmonkey all you need to do is go to the Offers section on the main menu bar, then click ‘Current Offers’ on the drop down list.

You will then get a full list of all the matched betting reload offers that are currently available to complete.

This list includes both guaranteed profit and potential profit offers – but importantly the guaranteed profit offers are always listed first (in blue).


The expected value, or expected profit you can make, for each offer is also shown. 

On a specific offer if you click the ‘More Details’ button a pop-guide will appear which walks you through all the important terms and conditions of the offer and how best to complete the offer.


For newbies these pop-up guides are super useful, especially if the offer is a variation on a standard kind of offer (such as having to do a Bet & Get offer on E-Sports rather than on normal sports). 

If you then need further help with an offer, you can then either ask in our Facebook Community or ask in the Oddsmonkey Forum via the ‘Discuss the Offer’ button on the offer’s pop-up guide. This button will take you to a forum thread dedicated to that offer.

After completing an offer you can click the ‘Hide Offer’ button so it no longer shows on the Current Offer list.


Tips on Completing these Guaranteed Profit Offers

1. Think about the week ahead

The number of guaranteed profit current offers available can vary considerably throughout the week. For example, when the Champions League or other mid-popular week football is on, the number of current offers available with guaranteed profit may suddenly increase the day or so before. You therefore need to be careful of tying up all your Smarkets balance on busy days on offers that could instead have been done during quieter periods of the week – as you may then not have enough in Smarkets to do all the temporary offers that pop up on busy days.

(From experience there is nothing more frustrating than having your Smarkets balance all tied up on a general reload offer and then consequently missing out on some great guaranteed profit offers that are only available for a day or two).

Consequently, we consider it a good idea to check either on a Sunday or Monday the upcoming sports events for that week so you can plan your week accordingly. A good monthly overview of major sports events in 2020 is also available here.

2. Try do all the offers and the most time-consuming ones first

The more offers you hit, the more money you make – simple.

We would always suggest to try get the most time-consuming looking offers out of the way first and then do the simpler quick ones. 

For example, in the screenshot from Oddsmonkey above we’d always do the Mansion Bet and MoPlay offers first as they involve doing several Qualifying Bets rather than just one.

The only time we divert from this approach is if there is an easy offer with a substantial guaranteed profit available. Examples of such offers would be the Bet365 Bet £50  and Get £50 free in-play offer, or the Betway First Goal offer.

3. 'Hide Offers' when complete

This may seem trivial but it’s really useful when matched betting on a regular basis. After doing an offer just take 2 seconds to click the ‘hide offer’ button. You will mainly see the benefits of doing this on really busy offer days.


If you’ve got any questions about this guide or any other of our matched betting guides, please feel to ask in our Facebook Group, or message us here. We and the community are always happy to help!