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Email & Private Offers

This guide emphasizes the importance of private email and text messages offers in matched betting and approaches on how to receive more of these offers.

Don't Miss Out - Always Check Your Emails

It is really worth checking your email every day for both personalized offers and general offer announcements from the bookmakers.

We tend to check our email mid-morning every day. We additionally check our email again an hour or two before major sporting events. We do this as some bookies announce some offers – especially price boosts – in the lead-up to a game or race. 

A summary of key terms and conditions are included in most offer emails and it’s a good idea to check them before proceeding with any offer. We recommend to always ‘click-through’ any email to a bookmaker’s website to ensure you will receive the offer.

From experience we’ve also learnt that for any email offers you do it’s a good idea to save the email (archive it) in a special folder in your email provider. Don’t delete them. We say this as you may need to reference the email to a bookmaker’s customer service team if for some reason a free bet or other bonus isn’t granted automatically to you.


Always Double check the T&Cs

There is nothing more frustrating than doing an offer and the Qualifying Bet then not receiving the free bet because you missed a small detail in the terms and conditions of the offer.

On private email offers you especially need to watch for promotion codes, date restrictions, if the bets are in-play (or live) and if there are opt-in or claiming requirements.

Tips on How to Get More Personal Email Offers

1. Try to deposit and bet more than the minimum

Every time a bookmaker sends you an email offer the terms and conditions usually state something similar to “Bet £10 or more” or “Deposit and bet £25 or more”.

Anytime this is stated we highly recommend to deposit and bet more than the minimum for the Qualifying Bet if you are able to. This will help enable you to appear as a good customer and help to greatly increase your chances of receiving more promotional emails and emails with more profitable offers.

If you can it’s also a good idea to use higher odds than on those too close close to the minimum stated odds.

For example, if they state minimum odds are 1.50, don’t just find a bet with odds of 1.52, instead try to find a bet using the Oddsmatcher with odds of at least 2.50.


2. Try to do as many email offers as you can

Some email offers won’t be as profitable as others and others may not be profitable at all or only useful as fake mug bets (which would incur small Qualifying Losses if done). We have found the more email offers you can do – even those with no profit or a small Qualifying Loss – the better, because you will then tend to receive even more offers.

Basically if a bookmaker can see you are opening their emails and as a consequence betting more often with them, they will send you more! 


If you’ve got any questions about this guide or any other of our matched betting guides, please feel to ask in our Facebook Group, or message us here. We and the community are always happy to help!