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An Introduction to Existing Customer (or Reload) Offers in Matched Betting

What are reload offers?

Reload offers, or existing customer offers, are what we use each and every day to take our matched betting profits to the next level. They are the offers we use to make regular, long-term profits from matched betting each and every month.

In a nut-shell, reload offers are the promotions that bookmakers provide to their regular, existing customers in order to entice them to bet more and spend more money with them. The hope is that by attracting in their normal punters with such offers that they will then go on to spend more money elsewhere in their sportsbook and even their casino too.

This is exactly the strategy that big supermarkets, such as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s often do too. Big special offers that are purely aimed at attracting you to come into their stores with the hope that you will then end up buying other goods whilst you are there.


It is important to remember that reload offers and promotions are, in most cases, not of any, or decent, value to the bookmakers. In the bookies view they are only valuable for them to keep providing when their customers go on to do more sports bets and/or use their casino games and slots as well as the special promotion.

As matched bettors taking advantage of existing customer promotions to make certain profits, appearing as a ‘good customer’ to the bookmakers is a key point to always remember if you wish to make good, long-term profits from matched betting.

Long-term profits from reload offers

How much can I make from reload offers?

We ourselves aim to hit a minimum of £700 in profit a month each now on top of other (basically full-time) work that we do.  We are able to do this now after almost 3 years of experience matched betting and because we have built up a large bank (a good few thousand) for the sole purpose of matched betting. Our experience allows us to know which offers to hit quickly, which to ignore, and how to attract private offers from the bookies on a regular basis. I initially started with a cash float of just £100 or so, but now don’t think twice about placing £100+ bets for doing reload offers and regular fake mug bets.

Initially we never thought these kinds of profits would be possible but were inspired and motivated by other matched bettors posting their monthly profits in the Oddsmonkey Forum…


If you’ve got our Oddsmonkey Premium Trial (1 week for £1) you can see the profits other matched bettors are making each month in the community forum here.  You can even ask them which offers they tend to focus on and similar questions – it’s a community that is always happy to help each other. Lots of the members are making these profits around full-time and part-time jobs as well.

How much time do reload offers take?

To hit the profits we do from existing customer offers we can spend on average an hour to an hour and a half a day matched betting. It’s quite variable though as we tend to spend more time doing matched betting at weekends than during the week as there tend to be more reloads then (especially when the Premier League is on). 

The absolutely awesome thing about doing matched betting, and of course therefore the reload offers, is that you can do as much or as little as you want, when you want. If you’re having a super busy week for example you could just focus on weekend reload offers – which are very worth while by themselves. 

What do I need to do reload offers and make these profits?

We, and the majority of other experienced matched bettors, make the profits we do now through a combination of 1) experience; 2) having a sizable matched betting cash float available and; 3) using all the advanced tools offered by Oddsmonkey.

If you are a newbie that has recently started out it will likely take you a little time to reach where we are now – depending on your individual circumstances of course. If you have a fair bit of spare time and a decent cash float available you will likely get there quicker. If you only have a couple of hours spare a week and a small cash float then it is going to take longer – but you will get there! We were like you too when we first started – and before you know it you’ll be bettering what we do!

How best to get started on reload offers?

Open up our Reload Guides page and follow the written guides explaining the main techniques we use to profit from reload offers. These include Price Boosts, Weekly Bet & Get Clubs, Casino +EV offers and many more to help you understand the different reload strategies used by pro matched bettors. It will be a case of what works best for you. 

By taking time to read these guides, and implementing these reload strategies with Oddsmonkey, there is no reason why dedicated matched bettors can not comfortably make £1,000+ a month.


If you’ve got any questions about this guide or any other of our matched betting guides, please feel to ask in our Facebook Group, or message us here. We and the community are always happy to help!