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Is Matched Betting Finished?

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The short answer to the question “Is matched betting finished?”is: 100% No! The slightly longer winded answer is: You must be having a laugh!

And I am going to explain why….

I have been matched betting for over two years now, and average over £700 a month. A large chunk of these profits are thanks to Oddsmonkey and the the brilliant tools they provide. It’s not just their tools that are imperative for advanced matched bettors to make this kind of money though (and there are far more people making much much more that this) – it is also their forum.

As a whole, the Oddsmonkey forum is a very positive upbeat place, with plenty of help for newbie and veteran matched bettors alike. But sometimes you can see a thread that attempts to sap the great energy that is flowing through the community – and it is a shame. 

Most of the ‘doom & gloom’ brigade go on about how “the offers are not what they once were”, as there is “less money to be made”, with it “not being worth it anymore”. I personally find it funny when I see these kinds of posts.

Now, I don’t claim to have been matched betting for ten years (the early days of matched betting so to speak), when I am sure back then the offers were more lucrative, but in the two plus years I have been doing this, I can safely say that there has not been that much of a change at all in the overall amount of profit making opportunities. Yes, maybe some offers involve a bit more getting used to, but once they have been mastered they become second nature, like all things matched betting.

Another thing I have found is when one offer is pulled, another offer from a different bookie will pop up to compensate, which keeps me more than happy.

Remember, the bookies are running a business in competition with other bookmakers. They want to attract ‘normal punters’ who thankfully outnumber matched bettors like us (by a long way) – and this is what keeps the process going. It is also the reason the occasional moaners in the community are still very much on a Premium Oddsmonkey subscription – I mean, just why would you continue to pay for a premier service if things were so bad? It doesn’t make sense. 

The offers are absolutely fine two years on, and if anything, the price boosts available are better than they have ever been. These, mixed in with casino offers (which a lot of people seem weary of getting on), are a sure fire way of keeping my monthly profit averages ticking along quite nicely – and for these reasons alone, I am more than happy, and positive as a matched bettor going into 2020 and beyond.

Where matched betting with Oddsmonkey could be improved.

There are a few niggly things I have noticed however, over the past two years with Oddsmonkey, that I feel could  and should be improved.

Gubbings, which is where a bookmaker will bonus restrict you, are perfectly normal and thus part and parcel of the game. But the beauty of matched betting is that you can continue to matched bet with a lot of bookies who have restricted you.

Extra Place offers are a great example of this (I think Boylesports are the only bookie we can’t use to benefit from an Extra Place offer on a gubbed account). So that is a lot of value to be had from all the other bookies where we are gubbed!

So just what is my gripe with Oddsmonkey regarding this?

Their Extra Place Matcher could be such a major feature, but it just seems to provide little to no value due to it’s speed and overall clunkiness. I think so many users have given up on it. In my opinion, it should have an automatic refresh feature to find matches quicker.

There are many arbitrage software platforms online that have automatic refresh rates. I am confident they are making FAR less money in subscription fees than Oddsmonkey currently do, so I am slightly surprised this feature has not been tinkered with from a coding perspective. 

I think upgrading this matcher could be a major game changer for advanced matched bettors, and could add hundreds to our monthly averages. 

Matched betting in 2020 and beyond

I could not be happier with how matched betting is going for me as 2019 comes to a close – and I am sure things will be even better in 2020. As long as there is healthy competition at the bookmakers (like there currently is), offers and price boosts alike will continue to be here for ‘mug punters’ – and savvy matched bettors like us will be there to reap the rewards.

My only slight concern with the betting industry (as a whole), is if bookies merge together. This will mean less competition for them, and thus, less of an incentive to keep providing the offers needed to keep ‘mug punters’ betting on their own platforms. As it stands, things are fine however, as only a few bookies seem to have gone down this route – but it is something to look out for.

As long as traditional punters continue to outnumber matched bettors by 100 to 1 (as they currently do, and will continue to do!) – then we have nothing to worry about – and will continue to make the lovely tax free money we have all been making over the past few years.



That’s all from me, and a big thank you for reading. As ever, if you agree or disagree with this, please let us know in our Facebook group, which is full of useful tips and strategies for all things matched betting.

If any of you reading this are new to matched betting, and want to get started (or re-started) on a matched betting journey, be sure to check out our video guide section where we show you how to make your first £700+ before starting the advanced techniques (reload offers) touched upon in this post. 

Have a great day.

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