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A Crazy Night For Matched Betting Price Boosts

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After the incredible Champions League fixtures yesterday, I just had to write a post about how much risk-free profit was available via the Oddsmonkey – ‘Price Boost – No Chat’ thread.

It really was on another planet, as my notification bell would not stop ringing!

I will list the biggest ones I saw come in from the beginning of yesterday morning, that had at least a risk free shot of making £3 for every £10 staked. Of course, lots of you will be able to get a larger stake on these boosts, but £10 is a decent enough guideline for us to use to show you what is possibly on a daily basis as an advanced matched bettor. 

Let’s start with one that I posted in yesterday’s blog post, which was William Hill’s boost on City to win by 3 goals or more against Dinamo Zagreb, boosted to 6.5. At the time this was posted, it was laying at Smarkets for 5.7 in the -2.5 Asian Handicap market. City ended up winning the game 4-1, resulting in a lovely £8 profit if you underlayed this boost for £10 with a 0% Smarkets commission.

Unibet had PSG to be leading at half time, and then win their match against Galatasaray, boosted to 2.0. This was laying at Smarkets for 1.68, meaning that any £10 underlayed bets made just over £3 in clear profit as they were 2-0 up at half time, and went on to win 5-0.

Betfred had a lovely boost for PSG, Man City, Olmpaiacos, Bayern Munich to win at 5.0, that was laying at Smarkets at 4.3. This boost also came in meaning £7 in profit was made for every £10 staked – but Betfred boosts usually allow a lot more!

Betfred also had Phil Foden to score at any time in the Zagreb v Man City game. This was boosted to 6.0, and laying at 5.5 on Smarkets when posted. This would have made all matched bettors an easy £5 for every £10 we could get on, as Foden scored the last goal.

Quinnbet had a maximum £25 stake for Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, PSG, Olympiacos and Atletico Madrid to win, boosted to 6.5, which was laying at 6.2 when posted. Anyone who got on this for the full £25 stake would have made £7.50 when underlayed.

Paddy Power had two more boosts, the first was for Sessegnon to score at anytime, boosted to  13.0, which was laying for 12.0 at Smarkets. And also for Bayern Munich to win 3-1 against Tottenham, boosted to 6.5 whilst laying at Smarkets for 5.5. Getting £10 on these two boosts underlayed would have made you a nice risk free £20!

So there you have it, a combined total of £50+ of risk free profit by placing 7 underlayed bets, using Oddsmonkey’s advanced calculator – and this did not even include all the £1-2 profit making opportunities, and other sports boost (such as the NFL).

Other than the Quinnbet bet, where we knew the maximum stake allowed for the boost, all other bets used just a £10 guideline. This means you could have tried to get £15, £20 or more on each boost, resulting in even more profit! 

I hope this gave everyone a better understanding as to why the Oddsmonkey ‘Price Boost – No Chat‘ thread is so important for advanced matched bettors, as the profit making opportunities are, and will continue to be incredible! 



Feel free to comment in the Facebook group if you find a good boost.

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