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Today's Potential Bet Selections

May Update

Finding matched bets to do

Hi all. In this daily blog post we provide a list of potential bets for you to do your Qualifying (Trigger) and Profit (Free) bets on for both Welcome Offers and Reload (Existing Customer) Offers. 

As I am sure you are aware there is not much sport available at the moment – but there is some positive news becoming available.

There is a lot of talk at the moment of some big European Leagues re-starting in the not too distant future.

If this can be done safely, with the correct health measures taken, the team here at Wild Dog Profits fully support this move.

Hopefully, this should see the matched betting picture back to normal within the next month or so.

We will keep you all updated as soon as more news becomes available. but for the time being, have a look at the video below, to see what E-Sport options are available via the oddsmatcher tool to complete any qualifying or reload or free bets.

We hope you all stay safe in these challenging times, and hopefully we can have some more positive updates in the not too distant future.

Find Bets Fast

Once you’ve completed some of the first few welcome offers and built up your first profits, why not give the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher a try to find matched bets to do quickly and easily with a few simple clicks. Check out the video below to see it in action!

The good news is that you can try out this awesome tool now for just £1!

Worried About Starting on Your Own?

Watched the videos and read the guides but still unsure what to do or worried you might make a mistake? Don’t worry we’re here to help! 


Get instant help and support from ourselves and our awesome community of matched bettors, ask any questions you have, see how much others are making.

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