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Matched Betting Profit Diary – Saturday, 7 December 2019

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After the birth of our little boy last week, we are slowly getting back into our normal routines of running the WDP website, and doing matched betting (alongside teaching it). Thank fully yesterday was a great day for matched betting to get back into the swing of things – and was the first time we have both done it on the same day in quite a few weeks.

Excluding weekly clubs (with which we haven’t had a chance to complete too many this week), we managed to comfortably clear £250 total profit (after qualifying losses) between us both in the past few days. This takes into account free bets we have not yet placed, with which we count as having a 75% extraction (as this is the average we tend to make from each free bet we are credited).

We are fortunate enough to have two different sets of matched betting accounts, as both of our cards are registered to different home addresses. In order to not confuse IP addresses and be more organised, we use mine on desktop using our wireless, and my partners on mobile with her 3G. This allows us to get on  more offers, which increases our chances of hitting more refunds. 

What do we mean by this?

Well, if we take the Paddy Power free bet refund – if our horse finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th – as an example, by using two sets of accounts we can get on two different horses, thus increasing our chances of hitting that refund.

Does it come off every time?

Of course not, but the standard matched betting advantage we already possess with a single set of accounts, doubles by using this method, meaning we make far more money in the long run.

With Bet365’s £50 in-play free bet yesterday, it was easy for us to make £70 between us from this. I also had a nice little 2-Up come in by getting a very large stake on Levante who were 2-0 up against Valencia, before eventually losing 4-2.

Over the past three years of matched betting, I have got very good at placing bets closer to kick-off for smaller qualifying losses which comes in very handy for 2-Up. I got on around 15 games in total, so it was great that this came in as it knocked out my other QL’s, and gave me a hefty profit on top.

Obviously, as veteran matched bettors, we have had some bookies restrict our bonuses, which although frustrating, is perfectly normal. But even with accounts that are bonus restricted, we can still make money from Extra Place and Each Way races. And that is exactly what we did yesterday on accounts that many people think are ‘worthless’.

Between us we got on 14 different horses in Extra Place races, and two finished in the extra place, resulting in a hefty profit again. We usually hope for at least one to come in, but getting two was fantastic. I also found some lovely matches using my Each Way Matcher to bump up my profits further.

With the boxing last night going the distance (congratulations to Anthony Joshua, for reclaiming his belts) we had a few nice reloads come in which were out of the norm, as big fights like this only come along once or twice a year. 

We were a bit disappointed to have not hit any boosts – with Man City losing the Manchester derby, it mucked up a lot of our enhanced acca’s. The rest of our profits were made up of some nice low risk casino wins where I was way above EV for the weekend, with my partner being slightly under. 

So there you have it. A lovely few days matched betting together again, with a vast chunk of our profits helping us towards Christmas, and the rest being put in the kitty to save up for a trip to Orlando, when our little boy is old enough. 

I hope this was a good insight of what can be achieved in the world of matched betting.

Thank you all for reading, and have a great day.  

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