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Marie's Quick-fire Checklist

That was a very profitable weekend!

If any of you were on the Arsenal v Crystal Palace game for 2-Up with Bet 365, a big well done to you. As a Palace fan I was over the moon!

There will be a surge of new offers tomorrow and Wednesday for the EFL cup, with Liverpool v Arsenal and Chelsea v Man Utd being the pick of the bunch.

Today I recommend getting started with your weeklies, which are listed in Oddsmonkey’s forum under the topic ‘Weekly Bet Clubs’. Remember, one bet per bookmaker per day. If you can get on a boost, even better, as it will reduce your qualifying losses. You should leave placing any in-play bets until half time when the odds are more stable.

There’s one Bet 365 game for a 2-Up opportunity with QPR v Brentford at 19.45. Wait until closer to kick off to find a good match, but with both teams above odds of 2.0, it could be a great opportunity to ride yesterday’s winning wave (if you were on Arsenal that is!).

Hill’s have a nice little £10 cash refund offer on the 12.40 and 16.45 at Galway. Place a bet on any horse above odds of 4.0, and hope it comes in second place for your refund. A minimum of four runners is required to qualify for this offer, and you first bet on either race counts towards the promotion. Quick and simple back and lay using your qualifying bet calculator.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Oddsmonkey ‘Price Boost – No Chat’ thread for instant notifications on all boosts coming in. Oddsmonkey monitor this thread closely, so you know that when the notification sound goes off, it means the boost is of value. As ever, we recommend under-laying each one to have a chance of making higher profit with zero risk.

Happy profiting, and we will see you tomorrow for more offers.

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