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Disclosure is a website and blog dedicated to matched betting an d related betting techniques and strategies. The main aims of are to:

  • raise awareness about matched betting;
    teach people the basics of matched betting for free;
  • be the number one resource for those just starting to learn how to do matched betting;
    and be a go to resource for finding out about the best long-term matched betting offers.


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Income and affiliate disclosure

Many of the links to external websites (i.e. bookmakers, betting exchanges, and similar betting related websites) on the matched betting website and blog are affiliate links. These affiliate links mean that we will receive a small commission from these websites for introducing you to their business. Through using these affiliate links you will not be charged anything extra from these external websites than what you would by going to them directly; and you will still receive the same free bet, bonus and other promotional offers as you would if you went to them directly; but you will be helping to remain free to use. We put a substantial amount of work into maintaining the website and teaching people how to do matched betting. Affiliate links are how we are able to cover the majority of our costs and make a small additional income on top of our own personal matched betting incomes.

We only ever use affiliate links to external websites that we ourselves have used for matched betting; for purposes related to matched betting and/or for purposes related to betting.

We also make additional income from uses who wish to support us through buying from our matched betting shop or through an optional payment to thank you for our services.