Boost your income; gain more financial freedom; do the things you want Review - Is This The Best Platform For Casino Bonuses?

What is Casino Monkey?

Casino Monkey comes to you from the creators of Oddsmonkey, arguably the number one matched betting site in the UK.

If you are not familiar with the mechanics of matched betting, you can read our matched betting guide here. It is important to understand how the techniques used to profit from free bets and bonuses have evolved over the years, eventually leading us to come to terms with the competitive edge we have in the market with casino bonuses. 

As they can be very, very lucrative.

Casino Monkey is a bonus platform that emphasises this edge (or in other words, the advantage we have over the casino) to ensure that by following their written guides, you will make very good profits in the long run.

In this review we will explain why Casino Monkey is up there with the very best of matched betting casino platforms – after an initial shaky start with a prior project, Bonus Evolution.


But Firstly, Is Casino Monkey Risk Free?

Before I get started with the features of Casino Monkey, it is important to understand from the get go that the majority of casino bonuses are not risk free.

Yes, there are risk free offers available, but as a whole you will find that you have to wager x amount of your own money to release a bonus or free spins.

If you are unfamiliar, or need to brush up with how we have the edge over a casino with these offers, I highly recommend you check out our matched betting casino guide, which explains all of this in great detail.

Having used Casino Monkey extensively over the past few days, although there was no mention of a recommended amount you should have in your bank before attempting each offer – they do have a clear guide on bank roll management, which more than makes up for this.

This is important to know and understand when completing casino offers, as we need to be able to ride the wave if a losing streak comes about.

For example, attempting certain offers with just £100 in your bank would be a big no no. All casino bonus newbies should read this bankroll guide before attempting any offers.

What Does Casino Monkey Have To Offer?

Quite simply: 

A lot.

The welcome guides alone are fantastic – with more than 80 sign up guides available at the time of writing.

But it is the reload section that stands out for me

Having used Bonus Evolution for a few months (the prior project I was referring to from the Oddsmonkey team) – although very good, a lack of a proper reload section was worrying me, as this was always going to be a deal breaker for whether I decided to continue with an annual subscription (after my initial two month free trial ended).

Thankfully, this has been taken care of with Casino Monkey, as the reload section is exactly what I wanted to see: full of constant daily offers for me to sink my teeth into, whilst I also continue to get through the welcome offers. 

In addition to this, they have the same features that were available at Bonus Evolution, such as the EV calculator (which helps unlock so many extra offers), an integrated Profit Tracker, with low, medium and risk-free sign up offers.

But, they have now added a wagering calculator, an improved slots database, and most importantly – a highly specialised community forum – which sets itself apart from its predecessor.

It is fair to say that Casino Monkey now has a platform that can rival Bonus Accumulator (the spin off casino site from Profit Accumulator) – Oddsmonkey’s biggest matched betting rivals.

Casino Monkey v Bonus Accumulator

If you have a look at my previous review for Bonus Accumulator, without wanting to sound repetitive, I was full of praise for their reload section, and wondered why Bonus Evolution did not follow suit.

This has all been put right with Casino Monkey, as having used their service briefly, they definitely seem to have got their act together to properly rival BA.

To say one is better than the other would not be fair, as you can see both teams are putting in the effort to provide us with as many risk free, low and medium risk offers as possible. 

I’ve only been using Casino Monkey a few days and have already made £106 from a mixture of welcome offers (such as Bethard’s medium risk ‘wager £1000 to get £50 cash’ where I was way above EV with a nice £74 win), plus I have attempted a few reloads also, where I have been up and down. 

I think the mistake Bonus Evolution made on launch was their pricing strategy, which is where Bonus Accumulator have clearly flourished, and taken the lead.

Users had to fork out £149.99 for an annual subscription, as there was no monthly payment option available.

If you are not comfortable with how +EV casino offers work, it was a big chunk of change to spend in one go.

This was a big mistake, and one that I feel Bonus Accumulator took advantage of, as they cleverly offered a monthly membership from the get go, along with a discounted yearly annual fee. 

Casino Monkey have now upped the ante

They are offering their ‘Players’: risk-free, low risk and medium risk sign up offers, plus the same level reload offers (along with all the newly added features mentioned earlier), for just £14.99 a month.

It is a very competitive price for a platform that provides such incredible value for us matched bettors. You can also save £29.99 by getting the ‘Player’ annual membership for just £149.99.

For the more advanced casino matched bettors who have bigger bankrolls, Casino Monkey are offering a monthly fee of £19.99 for their ‘High Rollers’. This includes high risk offers as well as everything else.

This is clever, as it takes a while to get to the ‘high-risk’ level, and when users eventually do, the extra few pounds per month will not make much of a difference. 

I think the price strategy was the most important fix needed in the cog for competing with Bonus Accumulator, and I’m now confident Casino Monkey will see the results they initially expected with Bonus Evolution.

To Conclude

Going back to my previous Bonus Accumulator review, my only criticism was their lack of a new identity – as I didn’t feel they separated themselves from Profit Accumulator. 

Ironically, this is where I thought Oddsmonkey’s first attempt as a sole casino platform flourished, as Bonus Evolution looked sleek, and completely set itself apart from it’s flagship site.

It turns out I was wrong, as Profit Accumulator’s mixture of fantastic reloads and a brand connected to the already trusted Profit Accumulator, was in fact the correct route to go down.

It seems Casino Monkey have now realised they already had a trusted brand in Oddsmonkey, and their new casino site reflects this.

Mixed in with excellent new features, a competitive pricing plan, but most importantly: reload offers galore, it’s safe to say Casino Monkey is now up there with the best casino bonus platforms available online. 


I will once again refrain from answering who is better: Bonus Accumulator or Casino Monkey, for the reasons mentioned previously. But anyone who has used both matched betting platforms will be aware that they are essentially offering the exact same thing (which is not a criticisim in the slightest).    

This can be said once again with Bonus Accumulator and Casino Monkey, as I am sure both companies will be feeding off each other – which will only make things better for us: the user.

My advice is, if you have been with Oddsmonkey and are looking to add some fantastic new revenue streams to your matched betting profits – get your Casino Monkey account now, as you will feel right at home. 

If you are not with Oddsmonkey, both Casino Monkey or Bonus Accumulator will be an essential tool for you to escalate your profits going forward.

Thanks for reading.